Organizational Readiness Training Programs
We offer Organizational Readiness customized training programs These training programs are customized for our clients strategic business initiatives to help them meet their business goals and objectives.  We encourage and inspire people to move forward in the workplace within our training umbrella of "Life's Revisions . . . Change" to gain buy-in, build internal self-awareness and improvement in the workplace.   Our current training programs include:

                             "How to Succeed in the Workplace through Self-Empowerment"

                                                            "Fundraising Toolbox, The Ask"

                                       "Life's Revisions Change" ongoing educational series

Through our training programs, Management, Leadership and Staffing teams learn how to create their own "blueprints" for achieving success in workplace environments.   We work with people in an action oriented enviornment to assist them in developing personal and professional tools and a plan to achieve results that can be transferrable to the workplace, daily activities, and life.  To ensure the solidification of our efforts we engage with participants in a team environment to achieve results for Organizational Readiness.
Carol Cranfield (center) provides leadership and instruction in Organizational Change Management to Human Resources Management students at California State University, Fullerton, Mihaylo College  of Business and Economics.  Pictured with Morteza Rahmatian, Associate Dean and Lori Muse, PhD, Professor.

"Thank you for sharing your valuable expertise with our Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Leadership Academy.  Your session on "Life's Revisions Change" will serve the MBA graduate students well as they pursue excellence in their professional careers."

Dr. Anil Puri, Dean
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
California State University, Fullerton